Moto Accent S-Line Мото Облекла Текстилно лятно яке VESTSUM
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Текстилно лятно яке VESTSUM



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Текстилно лятно яке VESTSUM

Цена: 179.00 лв. с ДДС
Текстилно лятно яке VESTSUM

Изработено от текстил и 3D мрежа. 
(CE сертификат) протектори на рамене и лакти
Джоб за твърд протектор - опция
Еластична долна част на якето
Вентилация в предната част
Вентилация задна част
Вътрешен джоб
Закопчаване на ръкавите с велкро
Рефлекторни зони
Цвят- черно и бяло
Размери: S-XXL

SIFAM group is a dynamic company created in May 1994. It was constituted as a group from April 2000 in order to increase its market share and sustain the company by expanding the group over Europe and by creating subsidiaries.
Today, SIFAM group has become a holding (M.B.H.) leading the whole company including its 4 subsidiaries : « SIFAM FRANCE », « SIFAM ITALIA », « SIFAM SPAIN » et « MOTOS SIFAM SWITZERLAND », both are specialized in motorcycle products commercialization, buying and dealings to subsidiaries and importers, in developing its image through new technologies
SIFAM Group is a main distributor on the French market and French overseas territories, European market through its subsidiaries and importers introduced in 24 countries such as Germany, Portugal, Poland, Malta but also customers in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan and African countries.
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